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Book Translations

What I do

I translate fiction! Although I used to do translations in all kinds of areas*, I gradually started switching over to book translations around about 2003. Nuts and bolts are fun, but fiction is even more fun. That’s why books are basically the only thing I translate now, in the genres fantasy/horror, thrillers/detectives, science fiction, young adult, children’s books and graphic novels.

Language combinations:

English and German into Dutch 
Dutch and German into English

For editors:

I work for various Dutch publishers, but there’s (almost) always room for one more. As an editor, you want a translator for your book where you can rest assured that the job will get done. A translator who will deliver a good translation, on time and without hassle. That’s me. And in case of ultra-short delivery times, I can optionally switch on a turbo like you wouldn’t believe…
For a complete list of my translated works, look elsewhere on this site or on the website of the Royal Dutch Library (Koninklijke Bibliotheek).

For authors:

I translate many books and short stories for Dutch authors trying to find a wider audience for their work, in whatever way, for which they need an English translation.


*What I used to translate in my nuts-and-bolts time

  • Software, manuals and commercial documentation for building management systems and climate control
  • Brochures and industry standards for installation appendages and check valves
  • Brochures for heavy harbor and industrial trailers
  • Software, manuals, and brochures for collection registration in libraries and museums.
  • For various non-profit organizations: translations of web sites, information leaflets and grant-applications
  • And many other documents of various nature for brands such as Kenwood, Denon, Subaru, Trust, Microsoft, Toshiba, etc.